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In-Depth Training Weekend with Sean Phelps

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Sean Phelps began practicing yoga daily 8 years ago on his 30th bday and is now a dedicated ashtanga and movement practitioner.  He has a solid base and rooting under the tutelage of Chad Hamrin (who has been teaching the integration of mindfulness and yoga for over forty years), Kino Mcgregor, and Tim Feldman. 

Sean does his best to continually draw our attention to the present moment.  Incredibly aware, methodical, and mindful of not only the 'seat' we take in the room but in daily life as well- as that is what he believes is most important.  Observing the breath, and incessant 'self talk' that we ALL are subject to at many times of the day through a variety of transitions and postures. So, though he does practice and teach the movement and energetics of yoga, Sean is just as dedicated to helping others work through their 'stuff' mindfully,  no matter what level they are at currently.  He believes we are ALL scientists; all we need to do is to learn HOW to pay attention...again, and again-over and over.  Consistent conscious awareness of the breath moving in and out of the body, stilling the fluctuations of the mind no matter what you are faced with on or off the mat. No reaction. Just observance. Expect to be mentally and physically challenged as he covers flexibility, strength, and balance in each and every one of his classes. 

Join these 3 days of in-depth yoga training to accelerate your practice!  Learn how to sustain and ignite your inner fire; floating peacefully, mindfully and energetically every second that you’re on the mat.  Alignment tips, techniques and breath work will be covered extensively during all classes.  Those key elements that are practiced and led in nearly every class but, are never quite broken down deeply to where the student actually grows and works powerfully, mindfully and efficiently progressing forward in them. 

Full Weekend Intensive $299
Single Workshop $69

Friday, October 11th 5:30-7:30pm

Unlock the bandhas, or energetic locks, on the first night by programming your body with the correct techniques that lead to an incredibly strong, flexible, and gravity defying experience both on and off the mat. Handstands, arm balances and technical transitions will be covered. All levels Welcome!   

Arm Balancing
Saturday, October 12th 10:00am-12:00pm

We will embody a wide range of arm balances, counterbalancing and technical transitions that lead to awareness, opening, balance and of course strength while floating both in and out of the postures.  All levels welcome!

Unleash your hidden FLEXIBILITY
Saturday, October 12th 3:00-5:00pm

Finding your ability to play with 'foot behind the head' and 'lotus' poses with a wide range of deep hip opening movements and releasing techniques.  Bandhas will be activated, fear will melt away and goals will be achieved.  All levels welcome!

Sunday, October 13th 12:00-2:00pm

Backbends will be explored along with a wide range of techniques and incredible shoulder openers. Ultimately leading to playtime with forearm hollowbacks and tic tocs.  All levels welcome.  Come ready to open you heart and dwell in your possibility.

Handstands, handstands, and more handstands!
Sunday, October 13th 4:00-6:00pm

 Looking to finally master that press handstands?  Hold a straight handstand? Or, play with moving in and out of transitions?   This will be a class you don't want to miss!!!   Drills, techniques and guidance will be shared extensively.  All levels welcome!

All levels are welcome to attend all workshops.
Alignment techniques and breath work will be covered extensively during all classes. 

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