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Asana Development: Sun Salutations with Sara


Join Sara as she breaks down and guides you through the postures that make up the Surya Namaskaras or Sun Saltations A and B. If you have taken a vinyasa yoga class, then you have definitely practiced sun salutations. This systematized sequence of postures is designed to tap into the energy around us and create a flow of movement. Every physical and energetic piece of you is touched so join Sara to bring in the mental focus and understanding of why these are vital at the beginning of our practices.

You will learn the sequence of Surya Namaskaras, many modifications of both A and B, and how to breathe within the flow of each posture to the next. By the end of this class you will feel connected, knowledgeable and efficient in your cultivation of prana or energy through Surya Namaskaras!

All levels and beginners are welcome and encouraged to attend!