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Healing from the Inside Out: Group Energy Healing guided by Heather Fox

$170 Bundled Price for weekend intensive*

*Bundled price includes all 3 of Heather’s Workshops- Healing from the inside out, Manifesting 101, Crystals 101 + Sound healing

Are you looking to heal physical, emotional or spiritual areas of your life? Are there pattern or habits you would like to break, but you need help letting go? Do you have issues of trauma, abuse or pain that you have not been able to release on your own? Would you like to take a new approach to your inner healing?

In this 3-hour energy infused intensive, you will be guided to profound transformation via a series of specific group healings to assist you in releasing the old and reclaiming the new. By working with universal energies, your higher self, and powerful techniques, you will find the tools and freedom you have been seeking. 

Step-by-step you will be led on a journey of healing trauma and limiting thoughts; releasing negative patterns in your family lineage; healing and reprogramming the body from painful memories; experiencing a powerful soul level forgiveness technique; receiving Reiki energy; balancing the body with crystal and sound healing.

Tap into the collective energy of the group to release blocks, issues or patterns that arise to be healed. The synergy of the group works in an expansive, positive way for everyone. If someone in the group is clearing an issue that is similar to yours, the intelligence of your energy picks up on that cue so your issue can clear as well.

Please Join Us for the Magic.