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The Mysticism of World Cultures Workshop with Paul Tootalian


There is a common thread that links the mystical core of all the major spiritual traditions of the world. This ubiquitous, worldwide phenomenon connects Shamanism in its classic form from the tribal societies of Native North America, Polynesia, Africa and other parts of the world to mystics like Saint Teresa of Avila all the way up to the mindfulness revolution currently sweeping our nation. Beyond the spirituality of the thought and the spirituality of feeling is a third type of spirituality, a rare spirituality shared by people familiar with the cultivation of high states of concentration; this is the state the Buddhists call Samadhi, Judaism refers to as Kavanah, Islam as Zikr, and Taosim as Showee ~ “to hold to or preserve oneness”. 

In this workshop, an introduction to the practices and retreats at South Haven’s Higher Haven Retreat Center, Meditation Teacher and Ceremonial Leader Paul Tootalian takes an approach to the Shamanic realms of power that explores the six senses, combining equal parts profound inner silence merged with mighty sound healing. If you've ever desired establishing or strengthening a regular meditation practice to tap into the miraculous benefits of mindfulness you’ll enjoy this technique, as empowering mind-training practices will be taught together with sacred, healing songs to energetically uplift yourself and others. 

Come, feel the spirited elevation of Matakuye O'yasin – meaning "We are all related" – & experience the interconnected oneness we share as natives to planet earth.