New to Yoga? Welcome to Yoga Life!


Here's a few tips and some general information to help you get started...

If you are brand new to practicing Yoga, it is best to start with our beginner/all-level classes.

Click here to see a list of classes that are beginner/all-level and all class styles we offer. Once you choose the class you wish to start with, register for your class on our online schedule. 

Registering for classes

Pre-registration is not always necessary, but it is recommended because some classes fill quickly (especially in the Fall-Winter months). On our online schedule, simply click on a class name and enter your name and email to register. This reserves your spot. Once you register for a class, one pass will be deducted from your class pass. If you do not have a valid class pass or membership, your reservation will be cancelled OR you can purchase a pass by clicking the button above the schedule and heading to our online store. If you are brand new to the studio and want to take advantage of our new student special: 2 weeks UNLIMITED for $25, (available for purchase in-studio only, first visit only) your reservation will not be cancelled. Click here to visit our online schedule. 

For your first visit, it is best to arrive 15 minutes early so you are not rushed getting into your first class.

This will give you plenty of time to sign in, fill out our waiver, and get oriented with the studio. On following visits, it is best to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to class so we can get started on time. 

How to Find us:

We are located at 2629 Cleveland Ave. St. Joseph, MI at the intersection of Lakeshore Dr and Cleveland Ave. 

Where to Park:

We have a large parking lot for you to park in. Most of our parking is located on the north side of the lot and behind our building. 

What to wear:

It is best to wear breathable, fitted clothing that you feel comfortable in. Baggy clothes are not recommended as they may restrict movement into some poses. And, don't worry about footwear because we practice barefoot. 

Studio Rules and Etiquette:

1. Turn off cell phones and do not bring them into the studio.

2. Remove shoes prior to entering the studio to start your own process of unwinding and to provide a clean space for everyone to enjoy.

3. Inform your instructor of any injuries or issues you may have prior to class starting. This can include difficulty hearing, difficulty seeing, and learning disabilities.

4. Respect the other students in the space who are here to relax and enjoy a clean and courteous environment. Respect the vibe of the room.

5. No foul language.

6. Practice good hygiene. No heavy perfumes, colognes, or smell of smoke on clothing or bodies.

7. Students are encouraged to not leave class early because Savasana is the one of the best parts!

8. No students will be allowed in past the first 10 minutes of class.

9. Unroll your yoga mat gently in the studio.

10. Walk lightly and mindfully, especially if people are lying on the floor. If you walk heavy, they feel it.

11. Clean your area after class. This includes used towels, props, and sweat.

12. Respect the teacher’s time and attention.

13. Wear decent yoga clothing.

14. Observe complete silence during Savasana. Inside and outside the studio.

Additional Information:

•   Our new student special is 2 weeks of unlimited yoga for only $25! 

•   Mats are available during class at no charge.

•   Blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets, and towels are available for your use. 

•   In class, we will twist, bend forward and backwards, and maybe even go upside down, so it is best to practice on a mostly empty stomach. Avoid eating a meal 2 hours prior to class.

•   We have cubbies and lockers where all your belongings can safely be stored and remain undisturbed during class.

•   We accept cash and all major credit cards.


If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact or call 269-281-0910.

Check out our Yoga Map below to navigate through our extensive schedule and offerings!

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