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Somatics Workshop: The Science of Getting ‘Unstuck’ PART II


Pre-requisite: Part I Somatics Workshop with Cheryl Meadors

Somatic exercises are learned progressively.  In Workshop 1, you learned to free the muscles of the front body, back body, side body and pelvis enabling improved posture, greater flexibility and reduced back pain.  

In this Part II Workshop, Cheryl will help you discover how freeing the muscles first in the center of gravity make it possible to free the movements of the hips, legs and feet.  You will also learn how to move your head, eyes, neck and shoulders independently.  Typical signs of aging include restricted movement of the head and neck along with less ease of movement in the hips and shoulders.  Somatic techniques break down the muscle actions required to walk, turn the head, move the shoulders, twist and breathe deeply.  Activities like golf, tennis, skiing, playing with grandchildren, and hiking, may again be pleasurable. Lastly, we will add to the Daily Cat Stretch routine from Part I which will help you maintain the benefits of what you learn. 

As in Part I, the pace of Somatic exercises is very slow and mindful so you can perceive the changes you will be creating to the SNS.  The entire class is conducted on the floor.   Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely.  All levels are welcome!

It is again recommended that you purchase a copy of the book Somatics:  Reawakening the mind’s control of movement, flexibility and health by Thomas Hanna. You can find this book on Amazon and it will be your reference for continuing to practice the exercises after the workshop.