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Pranayama: The fourth limb of Yoga workshop


This workshop will focus on our breath and the power it holds. The practice of breath control is the fourth limb of the eight limbs of Ashtanga yoga.

Prana is the universal energy that flows through us and everything around us. This energy creates, sustains, and destroys because it permeates everything and is considered the "breath of life". 

Pranayama practices manipulate this force within us creating profound shifts in the mind and energy of the body. Most of us are familiar with Ujjayi breath, but in this workshop, we will explore various pranayama techniques to unlock the potential you hold and elevate your physical yoga practice. 

We will focus on:

*Breakdown of the 4th limb

*Koshas: 5 layers of Being

*Pranayama techniques

*How to integrate pranayama into our existing practices and lives

*Final Meditation

Later Event: April 20
4-Year Anniversary OPEN HOUSE