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Crystals 101 + Crystal Healing Sound Bath with Heather Fox

$170 Bundled Price for weekend intensive*

*Bundled price includes all 3 of Heather’s Workshops- Healing from the inside out, Manifesting 101, Crystals 101 + Sound healing

In this 2-hour event, Heather will guide the class through 75 minutes of jam-packed information on how to use crystals. Learning how to work with crystals energy can help immensely on your journey. Crystals work to hold an intention, balance the energy body and remind us of our connection to Earth. The final 40 minutes of class you will receive a powerful, full-body crystal healing sound bath to balance the mind, body and spirit. 

Among the topics covered:

• Learning why crystals work

• Crystal selection, maintenance and care

• Learning which crystals correspond to the different chakras

• Activating, balancing and revitalizing your chakras with crystal therapy

• Creating personal barriers and shields so that you don’t absorb negative energies

• Consecrating crystals to greatly amplify their power, attract prosperity & help heal

• Creating crystal grids to build power for your intentions, healing and manifesting

• Using crystals to deepen your meditation practice

• Learning properties of color crystals

• Programming crystals for protection, healing and prosperity

• Using Crystals to assist with manifesting your goals